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The Foundations

Manel Resourcing Solutions is a specialist recruitment agency focussing on the permanent recruitment of key individuals for clients operating in a number of different industry sectors. Manel focuses on the recruitment of local expertise rather than the recruitment of costly ex-pat individuals.

With country expertise across Africa, including more specifically the oil and gas industry in Angola, Manel Resourcing Solutions provides expert resource identification and training requirements, reducing costs through local resources.

The People

Alan is the Managing Director, and a co-founder, of Manel Resourcing Solutions Ltd. This latest venture opens a new and extremely exciting chapter in an already successful recruiting career.

To date Alan’s staffing career spans 20 years, on the whole, supplying to specialist global markets. He is recognised for his ability to build effective recruiting solutions to ‘challenging’ and historically neglected markets and also for his track record in assembling highly effective teams to deliver the solutions he develops.

Alan is a family man with a wife and two children living in Cheshire, UK. Despite his family commitments, Alan always finds the time to regularly visit his clients and employees around the world.

Manel have its resource and data analytical teams based from Manchester, UK and Colombo, Sri Lanka. These teams provide the necessary support to the delivery function during the ‘search’ phase of a project. The data teams are also currently fully engaged on the development of our WebQuarters® Angola project, due to go-live in March 2015.

Products & Services – Tools & Methodologies

Manel’s services in Angola are tailored to assist our clients in the execution of their plans for Angolanisation. We deliver solutions to a variety of different industries to help with the recruitment of skilled local nationals as permanent members of staff.

Alan Darling, our group Managing Director, recognised some years ago that staffing services for local nationals in Angola have been seriously neglected. In particular, the large global recruiting companies primarily focus on the ex-pat contractor markets and neglect the local market. Consequently their search methods do not deliver on a local scale. Manel changes this model and provides a local focus.

Over time Alan and his team developed the ‘Pro-Active’ engagement and search models to address the issues surrounding the sourcing of Angolan nationals. The success of these models is proven across many different live client projects, with KPI’s indicating 87% success ratios.

Manel is currently developing the WebQuarters® collaborative enterprise platform for deployment in Angola. Our goal is to revolutionise the practicalities of Angolanisation for businesses operating in-country. We look forward to presenting a ‘soft’ launch in Q1 2015 to our ‘early adopter’ preferred clients.

Manel help many different industries to recruit many different skills for many different roles. The difference in our service is that it is all about Angolans!


Our Executive team have many years experience delivering training programs to employees, client teams and the general public.

Together we are further developing the successful programs established by Alan Darling aimed at improving the overall Angolanisation experience for clients and candidates.

The Manel training division offers coaching to client recruiting teams, tailored individually to help improve process, candidate experience, hiring results and brand awareness. Our team also run ‘free to attend’ Personal Improvement events for Angolan nationals of all experience levels and skill set. The aim is to help the delegates better prepare for the job market and a typical recruitment process, giving them the tools to improve their chances of success.

Pro-active Services

The pro-active engagement model has been developed to deliver an excellent, honest, ethical and cost effective product. It is our aim to work with a small number of ‘Preferred’ clients, delivering a value proposition with a greater level of commitment and partnership than more traditional recruitment agency agreements.

The Pro-Active Engagement Model allows Manel to;

  • Build the required client knowledge intrinsic to providing quality recruiting solutions.
  • Source and supply any human resources required by the client.
  • Allocate the appropriate level of internal assets to deliver excellent and timely services.
  • Reduce the cost of recruitment.
  • Guarantee service delivery.

The Agreement;

  • Successful candidate placement fees are fixed and offer a significant discount to a re-active type engagement.
  • Manel invoice the client a down payment (amount to be agreed) on engagement.
  • Fees for successfully hired candidates are deducted from the pre-paid balance.
  • The ‘Delivery Guarantee’ ensures the engagement negates risk for our preferred clients. Our confidence in our product allows us to ensure that any ‘unused’ funds will be fully reimbursed.

Manel would welcome discussions with organisations interested in becoming ‘Preferred’ clients in Angola.

Manel Resourcing Solutions Ltd
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